Building an Audience for your Blog

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In todays digital era, almost every organisation and everyone is developing blogs for sharing their contents and knowledge. As well as learning and earning at the same time, marketing products, building relations, blogging as a side hustle, creating an online empire and just for satisfaction. Blogging should be more than just a hobby. It enables one to learn, earn, express and help others. It is a step for establishing an online presence or what others refer to as building an online empire. If you don’t want the help from a high-performance team to assist start you up then here are ways to develop an audience for your blog:

Network with other bloggers

Networking will give your blog traffic, shares, and engaging through comments. You may choose to engage with a fellow blogger from your social networks, and it may be through responding to people’s content and responding to them in the comment section. Consequently, you may also drop comments on various blogs. Through dropping a comment, a fellow blogger may notice you and therefore google you to get to know more about you, your blog or the kind of posts you tend to upload.

You may want to publish content that your target audience wants to read

With the right material having been published, your readership is likely to grow, and the only way to keep them around is by posting consistently. People love trending topics, so why not be a part of it by engaging your audience in one of the stories going around? Your readers would like to know your view on certain aspects, and that is the chance to show them. Being a guest writer on someone else’s blog is also a great way to attract readership. This will enable readers to recognise your work and thus visit your blog. Doing this will also assist in the developing leadership skills, as you are really your own boss and taking the lead within your career.

Encourage sharing of your articles

Encourage your readers to share with their contacts as this will give you more traffic. The truth is, if one person shares your content, she/he is likely to get viewership who may also share and ‘that’s how new readers will flood your blog. You can also ask your friends, family and colleagues to help you share your content. Additionally, add a link to your blog in your bios. You may also actively take part in real-life business groups such as Rotary, as they often need content for their newsletters. When giving presentations at work and conferences, you may share your email address and blog URL not only in your slides but also in your bio.

Ensure your blog is mobile friendly

This is because various people are likely to have a scoop of your content, and they will not be using the same device as everyone has one of their preferred ones. Search engines also rank mobile-friendly sites higher, so your visibility is increased.

woman using smart phoneMake sure it’s easy for readers to comment

Comments help build your blog as they are social proof. There is no need for frustrating your audience when it comes to dropping comments. With any blog site, you can set the rules and do away with the spam. You should also be quick to respond to your ‘readers’ comments; this will make those who left comments feel that you care about them in away. Do not ignore their criticism, as they will feel less appreciated.

You may also use social media for a wider audience reach

This is achievable through the sharing of your blog content across social media platforms. You may also create hashtags to expand the numbers of shares it is bound to have, especially on Twitter. Additionally, you may promote your blog in your social media profiles, and this will enable your stalkers/searchers to be able to know about your blog.