How To Get Inspired As An Interior Designer.


Interior designers are masters of transforming a building’s interior into something aesthetically pleasing. They pour out bits and pieces of themselves in every project that they do while considering a pre-determined design from a client. And somehow, it all works out.

But like any artist, interior designers rely on inspiration when creating something efficient, refreshing, and sustainable. It mysteriously flourishes from an array of sunset colours, a delicate piece of art or just a simple pattern. On a larger scale, here’s how to get inspired as an interior designer.

Through travelling

An experienced interior stylist gets inspiration from diverse cultures. As they travel, they get immersed in different sights, and they get opened up to different perspectives. For example, plates from China are carefully hand-painted and are like no other. The same goes for how India plays with textiles. Somehow, their preference for colour is reflected by the spices they use. Pacific weave bags and making accessories out of shells, coconut husks and leaves are representative of an island way of life. All of these play a role in an interior designer’s mind to come up with a cozy room, a vintage kitchen and an exotic decor.

By remaining as an open vessel

Designers choose to keep a channel to the universe open. An open mind helps them saturate any inspiration possible. An open heart is a form of learning in itself as this is a humbling gesture of just submitting to the art of design. Being an open vessel helps the creative juices flow. It’s liberating yourself from what is already there and making ways for change, innovation and anything new.

By continuously looking for a challenge

Mentorship or starting up a business are challenges that would push interior designers to apply what they have learned. By continuously learning the craft, they improve further and further from the basics they studied when they began designing. 

Through mentorship

Mentorship is not just about giving. When you teach, you also allow yourself to learn from younger minds with new ideas and points of view. From what’s trending and how preferences for smart technology have emerged, it’s always good to keep abreast of what changes need to be made. This pushes an interior designer to widen the scope of what to teach through research. Teaching the building blocks are the basics of interior designing. With innovative input, you, as a teacher, also encourage the student to unlock their full potential. 

By keeping in touch with your origins

Basics will always stay fundamental to interior designing. Without this knowledge, skills of remodelling may be compromised. There’s a tendency to get lost in all that’s trending and demanded. But the most exceptional designs flow from simplicity. All in all, immersing both ideas give birth to a hybrid of design. It’s a win-win situation in doing so.

By embracing change

Looking ahead to the future of interior design is another way to get inspired. Setting limits for yourself, as far as art is concerned, is impossible. Therefore, change is good to let the learning curve find its way into making something abstract make sense. Interpreting art is subjective. Sometimes, it releases emotions that you never knew existed. Beach coastal furniture and art may bring feelings of serenity, for example. It’s the same with embracing change. You don’t know how you will respond to a particular circumstance, but somehow change is bound to make you thrive. This, in turn, becomes a whole lot of perspective and inspiration.

By going out of your comfort zone

Going outside of your comfort zone may come from doing something non-conforming, irrational and mediocre. People must learn how to persevere. It’s inspiring to have the ability to try something new. Letting go and choosing not to stand guard will allow you to see and do things that result in you finding beauty in the most unexpected places. That alone is extraordinarily moving.

The beauty in interior designing is in its way of allowing you to discover, make a change and express yourself. That’s what makes it unique as a profession. It’s limitless.