Social Media Tips for your Interior Design Company

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Many marketing companies today have decided to implement a digital element into the mix, introducing features like social media to achieve various objectives. There is now around 96 per cent of marketing companies that use different social media platforms and other technical and digital elements such as SEO and Google Ads to drive business. It is something everyone should be implementing nowadays, with technology becoming more advanced by the year. It’s essential to keep up! 

Here are a few tips that demonstrate how most interior stylists can start to use social media to market and drive conversations with potential or existing clients. 

Having a purpose 

Before you even make a post, you need to understand and recognise what your marketing goals are! Social media is a powerful tool, and it can help many people meet such purposes as

  • Finding new leads
  • Driving sales
  • Connecting with their audience
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Establishing trust and credibility

Find the ones that are most sensible for your business and then create objectives to work towards and so you can, in turn, achieve your purpose. It’s important to create a market segmentation at this stage to distinguish what your purpose is, and to in turn decide who you want your target audience to be. Are you more focused on a specific interior design theme, such as coastal interior design? Or do you want to attract people who are interested in more modern, minimalist interior design? Do your homework and plan, plan, plan! 

Picking platforms

Don’t end up pulling yourself too thin; ensure you are strategically picking your platforms.

  • Facebook is still topping the list as the best social network platform. It has reached so far 81 per cent of the digital population.
  • Pinterest is good for sharing content within home sections like design trending and home décor. Twitter is useful to connect with others in the same field and to follow the different trends in that particular industry.
  • Behance is suitable to communicate with designers and allows you to show off your portfolio.
  • Instagram is not as professional as it is personal, but you can still showcase your work there. It’s also a great way to connect and communicate with your target public.
  • Houzz, this is similar to Pinterest, but it is more geared towards the industry. Know your audience groups like their age and income when choosing a platform. The profiles for your interior design need to be set up with consideration to all the listings of your business. You are a professional, so it is essential to know how to do this first.

social mediaTime to engage with your audience 

Businesses on social media have to make an effort to ensure you are not just there to market to them. No one likes a salesman, and that is why you need to engage with the audience to help build trust and creditability. Respond to everyone who leaves a comment share your tips and information and be overall social; with your business and clients needs being the main focus. 

You can gain so much awareness just by sharing some work of yours. Find different ways to get social media users to share your work as well. The influencers that you choose to advocate for your business are more than 70 per cent likely to be trusted by others. They can drive more conversion than what your work and marketing can do. So if this is a path you want to go down, choose an influencer that has similar values to you and do lots of research to ensure you select the right candidate to represent your brand. After all, if it is going to be a reflection of you. 

Overall it’s essential you build on professional relationships, share as much content as you can and, encourage them to share yours in return. You need to be active on social media but be there for others, not just to make yourself known. Help others by sharing content, and they will help you in return. Get involved in interior design pages and get yourself out there.