How to Look Professional At Work 

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No matter how talented a person is or how extraordinarily productive they may seem, the ability to represent a company, the business or a product is paramount. It is also often where first impressions are most often established. Being on time, addressing the client in a respectful manner and exuding a pleasing personality may not be enough to cut it. Looking and being professional is equally important. 

The first thing to note is that the appropriate professional look will depend on where you work. If you work at a clinic promoting breast implant surgery – a sleek, clean and beautiful look will be most suitable. If you work in a creative office, however, you might dress down a bit and focus more on cool or trendy statement pieces. A previous colleague of ours recently started her own clinic for breast reductions in Melbourne and she always wears white at work, for example. 

Here are some ways on how to look professional at work:

  • Have a clean hairdo:
    It’s called a crowning glory for a reason. It’s where all ideas are generated so, as it sits on top of the head, it gives a remarkable expression of confidence and leadership. To look professional in whatever respect, clean trimmed hair always exudes being organized and perceptive. Without distracting hair strands in the way, it communicates focus, honesty, and professionalism. For ladies, it’s advisable that to own it with a clean French twist, clean bun or a hairstyle that keeps you efficient and functional. For men, have a clean-cut or if you have long locks, tie it in a clean ponytail and gel up the loose strands.
  • Keep a fresh face:
    Generally, make sure you are presentable with a clean face and brushing teeth. Make sure you have cleaned your ears and are free from unnecessary accessories like chunky earrings. This goes the same for brow and nose piercings, especially extreme ones like tongue and lip piercings. For the ladies, big dangling earrings may come across extreme. Studs and pearls are the safest. Apply your make up casually. It should enhance your facial assets and not distort them. For men, they must shave completely. And if they prefer to grow their beards, it should be shaved and shaped into an appropriate style.
  • Wear appropriate business attire:
    Professionalism means looking and acting professionally at all times. From having well-groomed hair to the facial asset to the clothes that you wear – it all says a lot about you. As a businessman or a businesswoman, make sure you don’t wear anything provocative or too showy. Well-ironed collared polo shirts and dress pants and skirts are usual. Suits do call for it but this depends on what you do every day. Nurses wear scrubs, but they still have a special way of putting their hair up to look professional. The bottom line is to wear something clean, and something appropriate. If it is a uniform you have to wear, do so conformingly. Keep a modest attitude and this goes with the shoes that you pair it with. Make sure your shoes are polished and are in tip-top presentable shape.
  • Keep proper posture.
    Slouching is a huge no-no if you want to be called a professional. You should, at all costs, carry a confident stance. Keep a straight body when walking and avoid a non-favourable posture by conversing with hands crossed in front of your body. Avoid fidgeting while in conversation.
  • Eye to eye contact.
    Sincerity is one trait of a professional. Honest human beings make good sellers as they speak because you could feel that they don’t follow a script in doing so. This is also backed up strongly by the fact that keeping eye contact intact while conversing strongly suggests confidence and professionalism.
  • Observe personal hygiene.
    Overall, how to look professional relies greatly on not having a bad breath, awful body odour and not appearing unclean because of earwax and boogies. Suits and outfits should never be stained with anything. Don’t ever appear to work rummaged in appearance. Well-manicured nails earn you good points. Make sure it’s trimmed and that ladies, if you have to use nail polish, opt for solid hues like maroon, midnight blue or French tip. Wear perfume or cologne appropriately. Don’t overdo it.

Feel free to be yourself when putting on a look. Just be reminded to accessorize appropriately. Stylize your ensembles, whether you are in your uniform or not, but aim for decency and modesty. With these as your guide, you can never go wrong.